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Aerial Mapping & Survey

Powerful 3D Models of your construction site. Measure, map and report progress

using accurate aerial data.


Skytech Media Services offers aerial mapping and topographic mapping services with the use of UAS or most commonly known as Drones. With this tool we made are able to facilitate to all our clients the ability to view their construction site in a 3-Dimensional space with the ability to view the construction site on its current phase.  

With our drone data you can track your job progress, resolve disputes easier, keep track and measure your stockpiles, save time and money compared to traditional survey methods.

Construction Monitoring

Keep track of the job progress and productivity according to the designs. Find problems before they become too expensive.  Create cut and fill areas by measuring them it an instant. View every angle of the site from the convenience of your office.




2D maps and 3D digital elevation models.  Perform elevation, distance, volume and area calculations.  Perform quick surveys faster and at a fraction of the cost.  View high resolution 3-Dimensional structures and terrains.


Stockpile Measurements

Don't move someone else's dirt again. Measure volumes of stockpiles, cuts and fills quickly.  Find out if you have enough dirt to finish the project or enough man power to move it out.  Reduce costs by accurately measuring your stocks and keeping track of them.

Left 2.JPG



High resolution detailed 3D context models of your entire site or land.  View and plan your next move for earthworks management, project planning, building verifications, asset inspection and much more. 

  • Identify problems in real time with drone data

  • Keep your project on schedule

  • Track the amount of earth you move

  • Use 3D maps to improve your bids on projects

  • Improve safety to your construction site

  • Optimize pre-construction planning

  • Prevent cost overruns from expensive rework

  • Improve efficiency and avoid waste

Measurement Features:


Measure Length, slope, and Vertical height with just one or multiple lines. 



View the change in elevation as well as the NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index).



Calculate Volume of stockpiles directly from your office. Fast, cost effective and accurate. 



Calculate area and surface area by the square foot. 

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