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So, you win the listing and now you need pictures.  You know the house needs to be clean but your clients might have a different perspective of what clean is.  This checklist will help them cover every corner of the house.  Usually a photo shoot should take about 1 to 8 hrs. depending on how big is the house.  Larger homes will of course take more time. 

When we come to photograph the house, the first thing we see is what is out of place.  Homeowners and agents can help make the process go smoother by making sure the house is ready to be photographed. We all want to make the home look its best and fit for a magazine cover. 

Remember that according to an article published by the Wall Street Journal, listings utilizing professional photography had 61% more views than their peers across all price tiers and the best presented homes generated more buyer interest and more traffic.

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Basic to do things:

  • Hide the clutter

  • Wash the dishes

  • Replace burned out light bulbs

Week before shoot:



  • Clean yard (mow lawn, trim hedges, add new mulch, remove dead branches, remove ivy from structure.

  • Clean all windows

  • Clean pool (if there is one)

  • Clean outdoor furniture

  • Consider power washing sidewalks, pathways and driveways.



  • Replace burnt light bulbs

  • Cleans carpets, dust, scrub marks from walls clean windows, etc.

  • Clean kitchen cabinets and showers

  • Clear all the clutter. Clear tables, shelves and counters.

  • Go through each room and make sure is picture perfect.

Day of shoot:



  • Remove all cars from driveways and away from the front of the house

  • Place trash cans inside the garage and out of sight

  • Close all windows

  • Sweep all walkways

  • Rake leaves and pick up branches

  • Put toys and bicycles away

  • Store seasonal décor

  • Remove all hoses

  • Straighten outdoor furniture


Pool / Spa Area:

  • Have pool clean. (No debris floating on top)

  • Turn on pool lights, spa bubbles, waterfalls and or any other outdoor water feature

  • Remove spa cover, pool toys and floating pool cleaner

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Nobody except the photographer can be in the house when photoshoot is in progress

  • Gloves and mask will be on at all times

  • Open all curtains, shower curtains and blinds

  • Turns all lights on. (The less we touch in the house the better)

Interior – Main Areas:

  • Remove all personal items / photos

  • Remove all visible clutter

  • Open all shades and blinds

  • Replace burned out lightbulbs

  • Turn all lights ON

  • Turn all ceilings fans OFF

  • Open door between rooms

  • Remove All evidence of pets (water / food bowls, beds and toys)

  • Vacuum carpets / sweep floors

  • Move / Remove any furniture that obstruct any windows

Interior – Kitchen and Dining room:

  • Wash ALL dishes

  • Remove all items from refrigerator door

  • Store food in cabinets

  • Hide dish towels, sponges

  • Clear sink of dishes

  • Put away draining rack

  • Organize items on open shelves

  • Remove any small appliances off counter (toaster, blenders, etc)

  • Hide Trash can

Interior – Bedrooms:

  • Clear surfaces of clutter

  • Make the beds and arrange decorative pillows

  • Put away clothing and shoes

  • Dust and vacuum

  • In kids’ room, put excess toys away, take posters and drawings off the walls and straighten up

Interior – Bathrooms:

  • Clean bathroom (walls, toilets, showers, etc)

  • Hang fresh towels

  • Remove toiletries from counter

  • Clean mirror of water spots

  • Remove all items from shower or tub

  • Place a full roll of toilet paper

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