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Keep the construction site on schedule by tracking the progress 

Progress Updates

This is the go to solution for all of our clients. High resolution photographs and 4k Video will give a completely unique perspective of a construction project that can be explained and showcased to stakeholders and clients. These photos and video help document all phases of construction over time having our clients request multiple site visits every month. 

We have the ability to capture and highlight the work done in that period of time being weekly or monthly.  With the final product being:

  • Complete project photography (Ground and aerial)

  • 4k Fly over video 

  • Timelapse of complete jobsite 

Project Time Lapse:

As the progress of the construction site goes along we will create a photo and video timelapse from all of our visits every 6 to 12 months.  (Timelapse time will depend on length of project)

Central Media Website:

Instead of spending time sending tens to hundreds of photographs to clients and managers, we build a website just for the progression of your construction site.  By compiling all the footage under one link you can view the most recent visit or go back to the beginning. 

For an example please contact us at

Coming soon: 

- Automated Photo Progression report

Construction workers on work site

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